Bubble Magic

Figure 3: Bubble Magic – Nov ’15

The above are a selection of images from the performance Bubble Magic which allowed the audience to explore the studio space while representing a number of experiments relating to the soap bubble. Participants are guided through experiments by the Head of Bubble Magic Research & Development. The performance is framed by continues audio of a branding jingle and fragmented discussion of investors.  You can listen to a summarised version of the edited audio here: Bubble Magic Audio

The edited audio throughout taken from  the advertising of a new bubble product, “Bubble Magic”(Click here for product YouTube Advert ), and a podcast discussion from venture capitalist Bill Janeway on the risks associated with launching a new technology entitled “Good Bubbles, Bad Bubbles — and Where Unicorns Come from”, (Click here for full pod-cast).

Finally, here is the score and text represented in the piece: Bubble Magic Score & Text

Details on the day itself……

Date: Tuesday, 10th November 2015

Time: 2:00pm

Venue: Performance Studio, Gilmorehill

Performers: Mags Keohane & Vicky Siegrist

Framing Statement: Programme Note -Bubble Magic