My Big Little Data Life

Figure 4: ‘Ickle Bit’ Character –  Before and After Film Edits

The video above shows a sample of the before and after footage when creating the aesthetic for the character “Ickle Bit”. In this piece the live performers interacted with pre-recorded footage of the character who was projected onto a podium. The piece was presented to adults in an absurd frame and focused on the power exerted over data or software by those in positions of authority.  I am now interested in how Ickle Bit may be used in children’s theatre.

Figure 5: “My Big Little Data Life” Images- Jan ’16

Childhood allegories were used with an edited “little red hen” story time from President Ronald Reagan (See original full radio broadcast here) and a sing along skipping game to Jimmy Dean’s version of “Skip a Rope” (See YouTube Clip of song). The below video was used in the introduction of My Big Little Data Life to focus on data creation and humanise our personal connection to our digital footprint.

Figure 6: My Big Little Data Life – Intro

You can listen to the edited Ronald Reagan stories  here: Yacht Story & Red Hen Story

Details on the day itself……

Date: Tuesday, 26th January 2016

Time: 11:00 am

Venue: James Arnott Theatre, Gilmorehill Centre

Performers: Mags Keohane & Emily Walsh

Framing Statement: My Big Little Data Life Framing Statement